Dr. Todd Harris

September 26, 2019 – It came a little later than usual – but still with plenty of time to have your child vaccinated before we see increasing flu illness.

Now Is A Good Time To Schedule Your Child’s Flu Vaccination

  • We have flu vaccine for ALL children ages 6 months old and up
  • Call and schedule an appointment for your children in one of our Flu Vaccination Clinics
  • Flu illness is most common in the fall and winter; the incidence starts to go up in October; the peak incidence is typically not until February
  • Flu vaccine provides coverage for about six months – that means if you get a Flu Vaccine today, you can expect it to be working for you through the end of March

Some Facts About Flu Vaccine

  • Flu vaccine decreases the likelihood of catching the flu. In other words, some children who get flu vaccine may still catch the flu – but you have a better chance of not catching the flu if you have had your flu vaccine
  • Flu vaccine does not cause the flu – the CDC has more details about why we are so sure that flu vaccine does not cause the flu (and other flu vaccine misconceptions) here
  • We again are only offering the ‘flu shot’ version of the flu vaccinemaybe next year, but so far the information about Flumist (the ‘nasal spray’ version) has not convinced pediatricians that it is back to being effective again
  • We have both state-supplied and private-supplied flu vaccine – both are the same flu vaccine – the only difference is who is providing the vaccine

Dr. Gessner Demonstrates the Appropriate Mood…

…When all your children have had their flu vaccine prior to flu season…