Dr. Sarah Owrey

“What should I expect at my child’s well visit?”

The following are guidelines. At each visit your doctor will assess whether more or less is needed. Recommendations may change as we will always try to be consistent with the best and most current medical practices.

Well visits are commonly referred to in older children as a “complete physical” or a “sports physical.”

The well visit includes everything needed for your school, camp or sports physical. It a form or some other documentation is needed within a year of a well visit, that can typically be taken care of by the pediatrician using information gathered at that visit.

There are two important parts that is performed by the pediatrician at every well visit:

  1. History” – The first part involves collecting information about  the patients medical history. Typically, the pediatrician talks to both the parents and the patient. As children get older (typically around 12 years old), their history is typically collected separately from their parents. This is done to encourage children to develop an awareness and ownership of their own health. Also, some important health concerns are more likely to be brought up in the one-on-one setting.
  2. Physical” – The second part is the pediatrician’s examination

The doctor uses the information gathered from the “History” and “Physical” to make an assessment and determine if any further testing, evaluations, treatments or vaccines are needed.