Dr. Todd Harris

Dr Sena 25 years at RexThis morning Dr. Sena received the following note and a very large piece of hardware from Rex Hospital (it is heavier than it looks):

In honor of your more than 25 years of service at Rex Healthcare, we thank you for your compassion and commitment to providing excellent patient care.

With gratitude,

Steve Burriss and the Rex Executive team

You can’t argue with the length of his service – and those of us who have worked with him will not argue with the excellence. Thank you for your service and congratulations on this milestone, Dr. Sena.

Now you are looking pretty spry with your Sesame Street tie – how about 25 more?!

Dr. Todd Harris

September 24, 2015 – I could spend a lot of time putting together what is recommended / known about building healthy and low stress eating habits in our young children…. but Dr. Flanders already created a summary that I would not top

If you look back, Dr. Flanders did a similarly super job talking about adding solids to an infant’s diet.

Dr. Jamila Fletcher

2 Charleston Girls

September 21, 2015No, not really…

I see this a lot in the office – a parent hands a smartphone to a toddler – and I get why it happens – when it comes to keeping a young child ‘settled’ –  it really works in that moment…

But, the American Academy of Pediatrics points to some legitimate concerns about the impact of “screentime” beyond that moment for a young child.

Dr. Todd Harris

CPR Saves Lives

Written by Dr. Todd Harris

September 17, 2015 – On this day in 1630, the city of Boston, Massachusetts was founded. Today – 385 years later – take some good advice from Boston Children’s Hospital. CPR saves lives. You could too.

Dr. Jamila Fletcher

Dr Lily Harris FIRST DAY

September 14, 2015 – This morning we welcomed Dr. Lily Harris as she arrived for her first day working as a pediatrician at Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine.

We make the distinction “first day working” here because this is not her first visit to RCAM.

A detail that has been stated before and will likely come up again: from early childhood though her teen years, Dr. Lily Harris visited RCAM as a patient!


You will find her bio here. … Continue reading

Dr. Todd Harris

Watch the Screen Time (Pun Intended)

Written by Dr. Todd Harris

Old TV Screens

September 9, 2015 – Screens are everywhere.

I don’t think anyone is too surprised when findings prove that too much screen time is a problem for our children.

It seems that the growing and developing infant brain can find no substitute for real and personal HUMAN interaction as well as acting on the physical environment with imaginative play.

TVs, computers, tablets, game systems, etc. all seem to take the place of activities that are proving more and more to be essential for healthy development.

This is an interesting post on the topic that ran this summer in the NY Times:

Screens Taking a Toll

Dr. Todd Harris

September 6, 2015 – This is a great question to ask at your child’s 6 month old well visit.

Here is a really good summary of the best answers to that question. It is thorough yet brief (practical). It does not overreach – it summarizes the science and the logic of feeding an infant while also pointing out where science stops and you and your baby are left to “work out together [what is] most suitable.”

Dr. Todd Harris

One Year Ago Today…

Written by Dr. Todd Harris

Gessners Before and After

September 2, 2015 – One year ago today came the answer to a question RCAM got asked probably daily for the prior two years:  When is Dr. Gessner going to be back?

On July 9, 2012, Dr. Rick Gessner, his wife and their 3 children began a two year medical mission.  Dr. Gessner treated a wide range of pediatric medical conditions at a hospital in Kijabe, Kenya. RCAM got Dr. Gessner back to our Brier Creek office on September 2, 2014. We were (and still are) very proud of what he and his family accomplished there. It was very exciting for the RCAM family to have them back home in Raleigh.

I asked Rick to comment on the milestone and this is what he had to say:

“I have really enjoyed being back in Raleigh, seeing old patients, and meeting many new ones this year. Our family has enjoyed the warm welcome home and we look forward to being here for many years to come…although we want to sneak back to Kenya for some visits from time to time!”

Dr. Todd Harris

RCAM Labor Day Holiday Schedule

Written by Dr. Todd Harris

2015 Labor Day

August 31, 2015 – RCAM will have a limited clinic on Labor Day, Monday, September 7th. We will see children with urgent medical concerns that morning by appointment only.

Dr. Jen Long is on-call for that day. If you have urgent concerns about your child’s health, call our main number 919-781-7490. If you think your child may need to be seen in the office, try to call before 10:00am.