Dr. Todd Harris

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January 9, 2017 – I’m a little tired of pictures of snow, ice or delays, so here is a picture that to me is a wonderful model for the times we live in.

Tuesday will operate similar to today with a not quite as delayed opening schedule:

On Tuesday BOTH the Duraleigh and Brier Creek Offices will delay their openings until 10:30am.

  1. There will be no walk in appointments on Tuesday.
  2. Our answering service will be taking calls until 10:30am. Please call before 10:30am ONLY IF you have an urgent medical need.
  3. Our Front Desk will begin picking up the phones in our office at 10:30am.
  4. If you had a previously-scheduled appointment before 10:30am, we will have to reschedule your visit.
  5. If you had a previously-scheduled afternoon appointment for 10:30am or later, we will plan to see you for that appointment.
  6. Our On Call Evening Clinic will be cut short.

The upcoming weather should support us opening up like normal on Wednesday. Thank you again for your patience.