Dr. Ben Meares

Press Release For August 31, 2016:

“As of September 1st, RCAM is giving flu shots to those with private insurance.”

Private-Supplied Flu Vaccine:

For those patients who have private insurance, we have received our shipment of flu vaccine and can begin giving those shots. (Private insurance is through a company such as BCBS, United Healthcare, Cigna, etc.)

State-Supplied Flu Vaccine:

For those who are insured by Medicaid or are uninsured, flu vaccine is supplied by the State of North Carolina.  We have NOT yet received this supply of flu vaccines, so we CANNOT begin vaccinating patients in this group yet.  We have no control over this and have no way to predict when we will receive it.  We will start as soon as we can get our supply of vaccines, so stay tuned.

While we dislike separating these two groups, we simply have to get started using the vaccine we have.

Also Important to Note: 

This year, FluMist will not be available. As you may have heard in the news, FluMist has not been as effective in the past two years.  The reason for this is being investigated, but for now, FluMist is not recommended and is not available.  This year, we are “stuck” with the shot!

The flu vaccine is recommended for all of our patients.  If you are interested in getting your child a flu vaccine, please call our office for an appointment.