Pediatrics Sena

Undergraduate: Amherst College (Amherst, MA)

Medical School: Albany Medical College (Albany, NY)

Pediatric Residency: Duke University

Dr. Sena is from upstate New York. He played rugby while earning his medical degree at Albany Medical College. He left the chill of the North for pediatric residency at Duke where he met his wife.

  • Family: My wife Sandy is a retired pediatric nurse; our daughter Jessica is an account representative for a pharmaceutical advertising agency; our son Scott is a US Air Force captain who pilots KC-135 tankers; our daughter Emily is a Spanish teacher at Fuquay-Varina High School.
  • Hometown: Gloversville, NY
  • First considered becoming a physician: before college
  • Why medicine: I liked the idea of combining my interest in science and working directly with people.
  • Why pediatrics: I chose pediatrics after second year of medical school during a summer internship with a local pediatrician in Gloversville, NY.
  • Interests away from pediatrics: music, playing my guitars, fishing, astronomy
  • Sports allegiance: Yankees, Duke Basketball
  • Proud achievement: As of this writing in 2015, I have never had a ticket in 44 years of driving; also, all of my children are gainfully employed and fully grounded in our preaching that their family will always be there for them.

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