Dr. Todd Harris

FitbitJanuary 1, 2016I got a Fitbit for Christmas this year.

Perhaps that isn’t a great gift if you didn’t ask for it but I did ask for it (I even texted the link to my wife specifically asked Santa for it so she wouldn’t be tempted to get the expensive one designed for elite marathon runners his elves would put the right one in his sack).

It is a little embarrassing for a physician to admit this but (among other things) I need to be more active and I need to eat better.

I feel okay to write that because I bet some of you reading this have heard a similar voice in your head – maybe 2016 can be the year for you too.

Pediatricians readily admit that a most difficult feat to accomplish – which probably not coincidentally can have the biggest effect on our patients’ overall health – is to aid / motivate a patient or a family to stop being sedentary and to start / continue to be more active.

The New Year is a holiday where we more often resolve to make a change – I think some people call it a New Year’s Resolution.

I came across a Canadian physician – Dr. Mike Evans – who has researched New Year’s Resolutions. He does a great job presenting this information in an organized and practical way.

His article about New Year’s Resolutions can be found here. He has made some interesting videos on the topic. Some of that information is summarized in the following info-graphic (he’s Canadian, so be ready to see “-iour” and “-re” when you are used to seeing “-ior” and “-er”):

New Years Resolution

Good luck with your changes! Don’t get too discouraged. Your health and your family’s health is important.