Dr. Todd Harris

Maintain Your Brain

Written by Dr. Todd Harris

March 21, 2019 Why would a pediatric medical office be promoting a ‘Battle of the Bands’ concert?

Is it because the movie School of Rock is a personal, all-time favorite and this blog writer is always looking for an opportunity to embed a clip of its climactic, feel-good, how-did-this-happen moment in the big competiton when the band expertly performs a song it had never played before?

While that is true – it is a favorite – that’s not nearly enough reason to support some seemingly-random, amateur band battle.

So why is RCAM supporting such an event?

[Pause now for a word we have sponsored]

The Maintain Your Brain Battle of the Bands will take place at Broughton High School IN TWO DAYS on Saturday, March the 23rd from 1-4pm.

[Back to your regularly scheduled program]

There are two reasons why Raleigh Children & Adolescents Medicine has chosen to be one of its (many) sponsors:

REASON NUMBER ONE: This community event is raising awareness of brain health (Who is against that? Not these pediatricians) and the proceeds will benefit the Triangle Aphasia Project. – a local non-profit that supports individuals with a communication disorder known as aphasia.

Aphasia refers to individuals with significantly impaired communication – but who are likely not affected in other ways. In other words, these individuals typically have their normal intelligence and normal memory but have a lot of difficulty communicating.

Individuals and families affected by aphasia benefit greatly when others with the time, energy and skill are there to help.

What a difficult problem, and the good folks at Triangle Aphasia Project are helping our friends and neighbors to find solutions to the obstacles that they face.

REASON NUMBER TWO: This event came together from the idea and the follow-through of a young person.

At RCAM, we want to support young people whenever we can.

Charlotte Fullbright is a sophomore at Broughton High School. Her grandfather was her inspiration and she has seen her idea through to make it a reality – this event takes place this Saturday.

Read more about Charlotte here and more details about the concert here.

Aaaaannd that… is why RCAM is promoting a ‘Battle of the Bands’ contest.

We hope that Saturday is a big success, that many people in our community are helped as a result, and perhaps that some will be inspired to use our time and our talent to help others.