Dr. Todd Harris

Shot Box

November 3, 2017 – A belated update about flu vaccine availability at RCAM:

We have flu vaccine available for all patients.

Our most recent update reported that we had not received much of our state-supplied flu vaccine yet.

The package did arrive (its been about 2 weeks – I apologize for the delay in posting the news here on the website) and we have plenty of both state-supplied and private-supplied flu vaccine.

How to get the flu vaccine for your child:

  1. If you happen to be in our office for an appointment, mention to your nurse that you would like your child to get the flu vaccine (as well as any other of your children with you that day who need the flu vaccine). Typically we can squeeze that need into our regular office hours schedule (NOTE: we typically can’t give flu vaccine during a visit to our after-hours sick clinic that occurs in the evenings and on the weekends)
  2. Call 919-781-7490 and schedule your child to come to an RCAM flu vaccine clinic. Right now we have limited appointment slots available but we continue to add new slots.
  3. The flu vaccine is also available at most pharmacies as well as the health department. It is not important to us where you get the flu vaccine, but we generally recommend all of our patients get it.