Dr. Jen Long

FAQ 7: Telephone Advice

Written by Dr. Jen Long

“What if I just have a question about my child’s health? Is advice available by phone?”

A FINAL Leslie

Yes, that is one way to get your questions addressed:

  • Many questions can be handled over the phone without the necessity of an office visit. We expect questions and are happy that you choose us to be a chief source of medical information.
  • We have a nurse on duty during regular office hours to help you with those medical concerns.
  • The typical procedure is for our staff to create a message in your child’s record and send it on to the phone nurse who would then call you back.
  • If you have a question that you would like to discuss directly with a doctor, leave a brief description of your concern with our staff and a doctor will call you back. Be aware that the doctor is less available for phone calls than the phone nurse and call backs from doctors typically occur later in the day than call backs from the phone nurse.
  • The picture above is an actual photograph of one of our current phone nurses. It was taken some time prior to her coming to work at RCAM. We are grateful for her time spent outside of our office honing the skills that would prove so valuable today.