Dr. Todd Harris
  • Juice is not as healthy as the labeling may suggest.
  • The problem is too much sugar. A lot of calories delivered in a small volume is known to contribute to childhood obesity.
  • Pediatric Dentists don’t like juice either. Even “just a splash” in a child’s cup that they drink throughout the day can cause tooth decay. The teeth need a break from sugar in between meals.

 In summary, 1) No juice before 1 year old and 2) Do not allow your child juice – in any amount – as their “walk around” hydration.

Dr. Todd Harris

January 9, 2016 – Be honest. You hear the phrase “new medical recommendations” and you roll your eyes.

If you don’t literally roll your eyes, some eye-rolling thoughts pop into your head (and sometimes out of your mouth):

  • “If it was good enough for me then, it is good enough now.” [a popular choice among grandparents]
  • “How about I wait and hear what next year’s recommendations will be and then do them?” [the procrastinator’s choice]
  • [My personal favorite:] “So let me get this straight, doc – last year – when you told me last year’s recommendations – you were wrong?”

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Dr. Todd Harris

September 24, 2015 – I could spend a lot of time putting together what is recommended / known about building healthy and low stress eating habits in our young children…. but Dr. Flanders already created a summary that I would not top

If you look back, Dr. Flanders did a similarly super job talking about adding solids to an infant’s diet.

Dr. Todd Harris

September 6, 2015 – This is a great question to ask at your child’s 6 month old well visit.

Here is a really good summary of the best answers to that question. It is thorough yet brief (practical). It does not overreach – it summarizes the science and the logic of feeding an infant while also pointing out where science stops and you and your baby are left to “work out together [what is] most suitable.”