Dr. Todd Harris

Banner Change: Spring 2019 Edition

Written by Dr. Todd Harris

April 8, 2019 – Following our custom, now is the time we change our banner for the new season.

Formerly, “Children Frolicking in the Snow” – we now present “Young Child Looks Like My Oldest Daughter“.

1) Flu Activity: Much Less Than Before

The official message from the CDC website: “Influenza activity decreased but remains elevated in the United States.

Of course, a picture is worth a thousand words:

This graph depicts the last three years of likely flu activity in North Carolina (from the NC Dept. of Health and Human Services). It shows how this year’s flu (red line) peaked in February (as it usually does) and has steadily trended downward to now much lower rates as typically seen in April.

Official declarations on the efficacy of this year’s flu vaccine won’t come until later but early reports show it wasn’t bad. Preliminary results put this year’s vaccine effectiveness at about 47% (up almost 10 percentage points from last year).

TAKE-HOME MESSAGE: Plan to get your families flu vaccine for the 2019-2020 flu season in October.

2) As Flu Winds Down, It’s Time To Schedule Your Child’s Well Visit

Every child 3 years of age and older are recommended to get an annual “check up” or “well visit”.

School athletics, scouts, and most summer camps will also require that your child has an up to date physical and likely require their form to be completed so that your child can participate.

TAKE-HOME MESSAGE: Beat the summer rush. Call and schedule your child’s annual well visit now.

3) Upcoming Holidays at RCAM

The holiday office schedule will be covered again as we get closer to those holidays.

As usual – for these holidays – we will be available by phone for questions and in the office for visits for urgent concerns.

4) #BigTimesAtRCAM

  1. Last week, our very own Dr. Emily Ross got the pre-wedding pediatric medical office makeover (a.k.a. How many uses for exam table paper can you come up with?) from the RCAM nurses. Congratulations to her and her husband on their big day this past weekend. #BigTimesAtRCAM
  2. Also, you may remember Sylvia who used to work at our front desk (her husband is Steve – between the 2 of them, they worked about 70 years at RCAM)? She stands to win ten’s of dollars in the Unauthorized RCAM March Madness Pick ’em if Virginia wins the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament tonight. #BigTimesAtRCAM