Dr. Todd Harris

May 24, 2019 – As a pediatric office that prides itself on top-notch care of newborns and their families – when one of our own is expecting – our baby shower game can’t disappoint.

Gotta keep it fresh – like we did in 2015.

When faced with five (yes, it was five) expectant staffers, we pioneered the Dirty Santa White Elephant Auction Baby Shower.

That day featured five expectant mothers all competing for their portion of the same baby shower booty.

The typical baby shower chorus of “Ooh’s” and “Ah’s” were replaced by “Watch out!” and “Oh no she didn’t!?!”

This past Wednesday‘s mild 80 degree temp and overcast sky were a perfect setting for breaking new ground again as we took to the Duraleigh office parking lot for Nurse Shannon B’s Flash Mob Tailgate Baby Shower.

We had the grass below us and the cool sky above us. We had corn hole and music featuring “Baby” in the title.

Oh yeah… we also had Two Roosters Ice Cream (exceptional).

Congratulations to Shannon B. We look forward to your big day.

Next up, Nurse Chessica…